✖ 30 secs of D.O's different voices

Normal voice, Oh Kwang Rok imitation, manly voice, gay voice, girly(?) voice, surprised voice, scary voice, kid voice

+ sexy beatbox (his sexy ahhh~ i can’t!)

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Hearing updates on the news is heart-wrenching and I cannot imagine what the people on that ship are going though at this moment. A majority of them are high school students who were heading to Jeju Island for vacation; probably after many months of hard work and stress. My thoughts go out to the families affected by this tragedy. 




if you ever ask me why i like kyungsoo so much i’m just going to redirect you to this gif of him playing the ukulele while moonwalking


and that’s why kyungsoo should be the bias of the entire exo fandom

Kim Woo Bin - Friend 2

You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.
Neil Gaiman, Stardust (via bookmania)

H i g h  C u t